Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Yorkshire Soap Company

The Yorkshire Soap Company is my favourite shop in York. They sell the best soaps and bath bombs ever. The first time I went was in February and I bought the best bath bomb ever. It was called Pink Rhubarb Princess and it smells incredible. Its definitely my favourite bath bomb. I recently went at the beginning of September and I bought the nicest smelling soap ever. It was Cherry Bakewell flavour and I bought my favourite bath bomb again. The Yorkshire Soap Company is such a cute little shop and has so many cute items. I love this shop😊

Sunday, 28 September 2014

New Chromebook!

This is my new Chromebook and I have to say it's amazing! I love it! Its a Toshiba Chromebook and I really like the colour because I think silver looks great. This Chromebook is amazing, I use it for social networking, homework and watching TV programmes. I love it because its so light and portable and I know I can take it anywhere. The battery life is really good too, it lasts roughly about 9 hours and only takes 1 hour to charge it fully. Also it was so easy to set up, all I had to do was type in my Wifi password and log in my Google account. Its really that simple. I would definitely recommend this Chromebook to anyone as I think its amazing.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Lipsticks and Perfumes

I bought these lipsticks on my flight home from Palma and I have to say I love them. They come in a box with 9 different shades and they only cost £36 which is great value for lipsticks. I love these lipsticks as there is a colour for every occasion. My favourite shade is Softsilver Rose closely followed by Blushing Mauve. 

Also I love these Marc Jacobs Perfumes as I always think Marc Jacobs Perfume smells incredible. I bought these for £40 at Newcastle Airport and I love the smell of each fragrance. My favourite perfume is Honey Marc Jacobs as I think it smells divine. 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Holiday 2014 - Cruise

I had the best holiday ever! These photos were taken in Corsica and I have to say what a beautiful country it is. The sky was amazing and the water looked crystal clear. I had the best holiday ever this year when I went on my first cruise. On the first day, we were at sea, which was perfect as it was so relaxing, the ship had so much to do, it was great. The next day, we went to Corsica which is one of the best places I have ever been, the country is beautiful and so tranquil. In Corsica we went on a mini train and mountain journey and I have to say it was much better than expected. It was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. On the third day, I went to Rome, I loved Rome, the weather was amazing and we went and did lots of touristy things like we went to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain but unfortunately it has scaffolding on it and the Pantheon. On the fourth day, we went to Livorno, I really liked Livorno, we went to the shops and I love them. I bought a skirt in the sale in one of the shops, and bought a purse. Livorno was amazing because it was a really relaxing and chilled place. The next day we went to Monaco and I have to say this was the best place I have ever been. Monaco was very beautiful and glamourous. We went to the cathedral where Princess Grace and Prince Ranier got married, we went to the Royal Palace where Prince Albert and his new bride live and watched the changing of the guard which takes place at the Royal Palace everyday at 11.55am. We visited many local touristy shops and saw the most beautiful cars. On the penultimate day we visited Barcelona, where we walked up Las Ramblas and visited many local shops. On the final day we arrived in Palma and departed the ship. Overall, my first cruise was a brilliant holiday and I have many memories I will never forget.