Monday, 11 April 2016


Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic day, last week I went to Newcastle shopping and visited one of my favourite shops at the minute, H&M. Today I thought I would share what I had bought so I hope you all like this blog post! Also I just want to say thanks so much for reading my blog, I'm so close to 20,000 pageviews and your support means the world, I really appreciate it! 


Dress - £7.99
The colour of this dress is a bit different and it's a bit brighter than what I would usually wear, but when I tried it on, I really liked it and decided to buy it. The style of this dress is one of my favourite styles, the front of the dress is pretty simple and I love the cut out shape at the back of the dress. This dress is amazing quality and is so affordable, H&M do a variety of colours and patterns as well so I think I will definitely buy another one for the Summer! 

Blazer - £15 
I don't really wear jackets or blazers that often but when I tried this on I really liked it and I thought it would be a good jacket to wear to Sixth Form in the Summer as it's quite smart! I really like the colour of this blazer as it's a gorgeous light pink shade which is so nice, I usually wear black a lot so I wanted to buy brighter, more colourful clothes and this jacket is perfect as although it isn't bright, it's different to what I would usually wear.

Top - £7.99
I really like this top it's a beautiful baby pink shade and I love the style. This top is so comfy and I love the lace pattern at the top! This top is so nice, the material is so soft and comfy, I absolutely love this. I think I will definitely buy more of these tops as they are so affordable and although they are simple design, I really like them.

Blouse - £7.99
I really like this blouse, I like the length of the shirt as its a little bit longer at the back and I love shirts like this. I thought this would be perfect for the Summer as it's sleeveless. I really like this blouse and the pattern is lovely. I don't usually wear blouses like this but I thought I would buy something a bit different and see what it's like and I actually really like this! 

T-Shirt - £7.99
I absolutely love this t-shirt, it's really nice and I love the lace at the top, I think it makes the t-shirt look smarter and nicer, I also love the fact this top has short sleeves as it will be perfect for Summer. I love black clothing, it's probably the colour I wear most but I have to say, I really like this t-shirt it's quite dressy, I think the lace makes it look so much nicer.

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