Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Tops! BARGAINS!!! As you can tell I like pink and sparkly tops!


Here are some bargain tops that I bought from the New Look Sale. The top on the left was £4 and I bought it for my holiday in the Summer. I also bought the top on the right for £5 in the sale, to wear in the Summer on holiday. I love the New Look Sale because they always have amazing clothes on sale at really low prices. 


These tops were on sale in Outfit a few weeks ago and I loved them straight away. Both of the tops are from Dorothy Perkins. The top on the left was £20 reduced to £12, I wore the sparkly top on the left for New Years Eve, as I think its great to wear for a special occasion. The top on the right was £16 reduced to £12, I love the embellished neckline and the lace! I can't wait to wear this top, I love it.

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