Sunday, 15 February 2015

Perfumes: Heat Rush by Beyonce, Made In Chelsea and Ghost

I absolutely love perfume, I wear it everyday. I received the Beyonce Heat Rush perfume for Christmas and I absolutely love it, its now my everyday fragrance. This fragrance is a perfect daytime fragrance as it smells divine and is not overpowering. I was really impressed with how nice this perfume smelt, its by far my favourite now.

My next perfume is the Made In Chelsea perfume, I'm a huge fan of the show Made In Chelsea and I recently received this as a present for my birthday. I was actually really surprised at how nice the perfume smelt, I really like it. I really like this fragrance but I only wear it on a weekend or a special occasion. This is a soft and fruity perfume which I think smells amazing. I would definitely recommend it.

Lastly, I also got this Ghost perfume for my birthday, I really like this perfume because its a soft and fruity fragrance like the Made In Chelsea perfume. I wear this perfume on a weekend or for a special occasion because its long lasting and smells great. I would definitely recommend this perfume as its a timeless feminine fragrance.

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