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Northumbria University Summer School 2015

Hello everyone, this is going to be a different type of blog post compared to the usual make up stuff, but before I get on to that I just want to say thanks to all my readers, I got almost double the page views that I got in May in June and I'm so so thankful to everyone who reads my blog! Thanks so much, it means a lot. Christina xxxxxxx

Last week I visited Northumbria University from Monday 29th June till Wednesday 1st July and I have to say it was much better than I thought it would be, I was really impressed. I really didn't want to go on the Monday morning because I always get really nervous before things like this but I'm so glad I did go because I have to say I really enjoyed it. I met loads of new people and got to experience Uni life. I'm so glad I did the Northumbria Summer School because it really has given me confidence in wanting to go to University as I have had a little taster of what it will be like. I'm actually going to another Summer School in August at Edge Hill University and I'm really excited because I will be able to experience what life is like at another University!

When we arrived on the Monday we dropped our bags off in the hall and were given lanyards with some information in such as our group number, name and the activities we would be doing. We then went to Nixon Hall which was where we had a welcome talk and was given some information about the next few days. We were then sent off with our group to do some ice breakers, now I don't know about you but the idea of ice breakers is just horrendous like I hate them but I have to say I actually really enjoyed them as it gave me a chance to talk to my team and get to know them a bit. I was in a group with no one I had ever met before but I actually think that it was a good idea because I was able to meet friends and build confidence by just talking to new people. We then went for lunch and I decided to be healthy and have a chicken salad and it wasn't very nice, I don't know why I chose it to be honest. I then went to a Business subject taster session, Business is one of my favourite lessons at Sixth Form but I actually preferred the Education taster session I went to the next day. We then went to our rooms to drop our bags off and get ready for the meal on the night. We did a group project session before we went for dinner where we did a little challenge with our group. We went to Za Za Bazaar in Newcastle for dinner which is a buffet restaurant with loads of different cuisines so there is always something someone will like. After we then went to watch Northumbria's Got Talent Show which was much better than I was expecting, everyone who performed was amazing! We then went back to our rooms, we stayed in the Claude Gibb Halls which were pretty basic but the rooms were a good size, the only thing I didn't like was the rooms weren't en-suite and every time I needed the toilet I would have to leave my room, lock the door and walk down the hall to the toilets.

On the Tuesday, we had breakfast at 7:30 and then met our team at 8:45 to go to the daily update talk. We were then directed to our second subject taster session and mine was Education which I really enjoyed. I've being doing work experience in a local primary school on a Wednesday afternoon for almost a year and I absolutely love it so it was nice to hear students of the Primary Education course give their thoughts and experiences of the course. After that we had a skills workshop which included things like presentation skills and we also did the Belbin test as well but I had done this previously in a Business lesson at my Sixth Form. After that we had lunch outside because the weather was absolutely gorgeous and then took part in a sport session, I'm not a very sporty person at all tbh so I chose Zumba because I don't mind doing exercise classes and I really enjoyed it but it was tiring! We then had a Race against all the other teams where we were given 3 hours to complete as many challenges and bonus challenges as we could and I think we came 7 out of 10. After that we were given time to get ready before the party that night, the party on the Tuesday night was probably the best part of Summer School for me. I really enjoyed it and spent most of the night dancing!

On the Wednesday we had breakfast and went for our daily update where basically we would be told what we were doing that day. We then had a motivational speaker and it was Craig Heap, the British Olympic Gymnast who was a judge on the TV show Tumble this year. I absolutely love motivational speakers and I thought he was great, I love hearing different peoples stories and how they've achieved their goals. I honestly believe that if you work hard enough, you will be successful and you will achieve your goals and dreams! Never give up on your dreams...
After that we had a higher Education talk where we were put into groups depending on what cards were similar to our personalities and were told what we were like. After we went for Lunch and I have to say it was one of the best meals I had at Summer School, I had a pork dinner with a huge yorkshire pudding which was absolutely delicious!!! After lunch we said goodbye to our team and our reps and were given the results to the race each team took part in and then we left for home. As soon as we left it started raining, thundering and lightening and we ended up going in the wrong direction so it was a nightmare! We eventually ended up at the bus station but thankfully there was a bus within 10 minutes so we didn't have to wait long at all!

I really enjoyed the Northumbria Summer School, I made new friends and I actually feel like my confidence has grown. I would definitely recommend going to a Summer School if you are unsure of whether or not to go to University as it will give you a little taster. I hope you can find this blog post helpful and informative xxx

I hope you enjoyed my blog post. 
Thanks for reading!!! Christina xxx
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