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Deciding on UNIVERSITY? My opinion

Hello everyone I hope you are having a good weekend, today I thought I would do a different kind of blog post about something that people like me have to do at this time of year which is deciding on whether or not to apply to go to University and what university to go to. I have been thinking about going to University since the beginning of year 12 and now I'm in year 13 I am starting to apply for University and get my UCAS application completed. I am someone who has done a lot of research about what university I would like to go to, the accommodation, what the course is like and how far away it is from home.

Not sure whether to go or not?
Before I went to the Summer school at Edge Hill University in August 2015, I'm going to be honest I wasn't 100% sure that I wanted to go to University so I decided to go to Edge Hill and see what it was like, I spent three days doing Business studies which is one of my favourite subjects, I made loads of new friends and I really liked the campus so I would definitely recommend going to a summer school and an open day at a University you are interested in and want to go to. I went to a UCAS open day in April 2015 and I thought it was so good, there was over 100 universities there so I got the chance to speak to loads of representatives from different Universities and find out more about the courses I wanted to look at and this helped me to narrow down which Universities I want to go and have a look at.

Finding out what the course is like?
Personally, I am looking at courses which are more coursework based than exams because I prefer coursework, I would definitely recommend looking at the course you want to do at the University you want to go to on the Unistats website, I find this website so helpful for giving important course information. I also want to do a year abroad therefore I am looking at Universities that you can study abroad at as I just think being able to study abroad would be such an amazing experience.

Finding out what the accommodation you want is like?
I know that whichever University I choose to go to I want an en suite room, when I stayed at Northumbria University we stayed in halls with a shared bathroom and it was okay but I preferred the accommodation I stayed at, at Edge Hill University because it was en suite. I have an en suite at home and I love having my own bathroom so I know I will definitely be paying a little bit more for an en suite room.

How far away do you want to go?
Personally, I do want to leave home to go to University but I don't want to go too far away from my friends and family. I think the furthest I am looking is about 3 hours away from where I live at the moment because I do want to gain more independence but I still want to be able to pop home every now and then.

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