Monday, 12 October 2015

Cheshire Oaks Outlet Purchases: MAC Face and Body Foundation and Clinique Skincare Products

Hiya everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic week, I'm so sorry I haven't been uploading regularly recently, I am hoping to go back to my schedule of posting on a Saturday next week. Last week, I went to the Cheshire Oaks outlet because I went to an open day at Chester University on Saturday so I thought going to Chester on Friday would be good as I was able to have a little shopping trip. I went to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet and I visited the Cosmetics Company Store which is where I bought a new foundation and some new skincare products. 

The first product I bought was MAC's Face and Body Foundation, I have never used any MAC products before and I have been wanting to try this foundation for ages. There wasn't a massive choice of shades of foundation so I ended up getting one that was a little bit too light for me, but I used it the other day and I have to say it looks really natural looking. I am going to be using this foundation in my future make up blog posts so I will keep you updated on my thoughts and opinions on this foundation. I got the Face and Body Foundation in the shade N2, I also love the size of the foundation as its 50ml so I think this is going to last me ages, this foundation only cost me £15.50 which is £6.50 cheaper than it usually is in other shops so I would definitely recommend going to a shop like the Cosmetics Company Store if you are wanting to find a bargain.

I also bought some skincare products from Clinique, I am always wanting to try new skincare products and someone recommended Clinique's skincare range to me a few months ago so I've been wanting to try the new products for ages. I'm glad I got this gift set because the products are so gentle and make my skin feel amazing! The skincare gift set includes: Liquid Facial Soap, Clarifying Lotion, Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion and a 7 Day Facial Scrub Cream, I used all of these products yesterday and I really like them, I was thinking of doing a post on them in a few weeks to see if I still like them and if I like them better than any other skincare products I have used previously. This gift set was also a really good price, it was £22.50 which is £7.50 cheaper than it usually is in other shops. 

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