Saturday, 29 August 2015

Bare Minerals - The Colour Extravaganza Eye Shadow Palette

Hello everyone, sorry I haven't been blogging as much this month, I've been away on two holidays and on a residential at Edge Hill University but I just wanted to say I really appreciate everyone who has still read, commented and followed my blog, honestly it means the world!

This month has been amazing, I will be posting a blog post about my recent trip to Malta soon but before that is posted I thought I would create this blog post that is about one of my new eye shadow palettes by my favourite make up brand, Bare Minerals. I bought this on my flight back from Malta for £23, I think this is an amazing price for Bare Minerals make up. I love Bare Minerals make up, it's probably my favourite make up brand, the quality of the make up is amazing and if you've read any of my previous posts then you will know how much I love this brand!!
This is the Bare Minerals Ready Colour Extravaganza Convertible Eye shadow palette, this palette includes a small compact palette to put 3 eye shadows in, I think this is perfect to use when going out as I can choose three of my favourite shades and put them in the compact palette. This eye shadow palette includes 12 shades: 4 base shades, 4 crease shades and 4 liner shades as well as a double ended tapered crease defining brush and a flat edge liner brush. I love Bare Minerals make up brushes, I have a few already and I love them!
I love the colours of these shades, these shades are gorgeous and eye catching. The shades included in this palette are Chart Topper, Hard to Get, Fantasy, Stiletto, Shiver, Admire, Elixir, Couture, Pizzazz, Bewilder, Connoisseur and Mystify. This palette includes really nice pink, plum, gold and green shades. I also like that the palette includes a booklet with 4 eye make up looks, I think this will be perfect to use as I will be able to use these colours to create eye make up looks. 
Please comment below what your favourite make up brand is, I'm always wanting to try new brands and products. Also let me know if you would like me to create a look with this eye shadow palette as I have a few ideas for some blog posts. And feel free to comment below or tweet me if you want to suggest any blog posts you would like me to do! 

Thanks so much for reading!
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