Sunday, 2 August 2015

Summer Holiday Haul - Primark, Dorothy Perkins and New Look

Hiya everyone, I just want to say thank you to my readers, I reached 4,000 page views in July with over 1,000 page views just in July which is the most I have ever got in one month. I still can't believe it, my page views are going up so much at the minute and I owe it all to my lovely readers. Thank you so much! On Friday, I went to Newcastle with my mum for a shopping trip, I love going shopping with my mum, especially when it's for holiday clothes!

The first shop I bought a few things from was Dorothy Perkins, I am loving Dorothy Perkins at the minute, I think they have got some absolutely gorgeous pieces in store. I knew as soon as I spotted this top, I had to have it, its a gorgeous colour. I bought a gorgeous lime green top which was reduced from £20 to £7, this is an amazing price for such a lovely top. I think this top would look perfect with my black leather shorts and some black heels or even just some sandals. I also bought a really cute vest top from Dorothy Perkins which has a gorgeous pink and blue flowery pattern which I just think is perfect for the summer, I think this would look great with a pair of denim shorts for a really cute casual day time look. This top was reduced from £10 to £5 so that was another great bargain I found. I got two tops for £12 in Dorothy Perkins which is absolutely amazing, considering one of them was originally £20. Personally, I absolutely love sales, I am great at finding bargains.

I then went to New Look which is one of my favourite shops, I used to shop here all the time a few years ago and then I stopped shopping there for a while but now I have started shopping there again, I love it. I picked up quite a few bargains in the New Look sale. I found two pairs of shorts in two different styles, one pair was in the Mom style and the other one was in the Boyfriend style. The Mom style ones are my favourite, I just think they will be perfect for when I'm on holiday, they were reduced from £19.99 to £10 which is an absolute bargain! I love the acid wash look, I think they will look perfect with a vest top on holiday. The Boyfriend style ones are also really nice, I love boyfriend jeans, they fit my body shape much better than other styles and these shorts are exactly the same. The Boyfriend shorts were reduced from £17.99 to £10 so they were also a great bargain. One thing I love about shorts from New Look is that they are always really comfortable to wear which is what I want especially when I'm on holiday. I also bought a silver back pack from New Look, this was an absolute bargain, it was reduced from £24.99 to £10 which is amazing! I love the size of this bag and I think I will use this as my bag to take on to the plane as it is big enough that I will get all my stuff in. The last thing I bought from New Look was these white shoes, I love these, I was really struggling to find sandals I liked because I am probably one of the most fussy people ever when it comes to shoes. I just bought these shoes for wearing on a night if I don't want to wear heels. These shoes were down to £6 from £10. I saved almost £37 in New Look compared to if I had bought these products at the full price.

I then went to Primark to get a few things. First of all I bought these sunglasses, every time I go to Primark I buy a new pair of sunglasses and I love these ones. I really like the leopard print pattern around the edge of the sunglasses, they were only £1. I also liked these sunglasses because they are big oversized sunglasses compared to my other sunglasses. I then bought a purple vest top which was only £1.80 and I just think it would look good with a pair of denim shorts for a nice casual day time look. I then found this gorgeous black and white hat which I think will be perfect when I'm on holiday. I love hats like this and this one was only £4 which is an absolute bargain compared to the price of similar hats in different shops. I then bought these luminous green shoes which I absolutely love, these will be perfect for walking from the apartment to the pool. They were only £3 which was a great price. 

I have worked out and overall I managed to save £50 compared to if I had bought these products at full price. I love going shopping, especially when there is a sale on as there are always bargains to be found. I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. There probably won't be another blog post until Friday as I am at Edge Hill University for a summer residential this week so I just wanted to say, I hope you all have a lovely week!
Thanks so much for reading! 
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  1. I really like the Dorothy Perkins flowery top - it's so pretty!
    Elle xx

    1. Thank you, it was an absolute bargain, I love the floral print
      Christina xxx

  2. Wonderful pics! Have a great start tot he week:)

    1. Thank you and aw I hope you have a lovely week too x