Saturday, 21 May 2016


Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend, I recently ordered some new Makeup Revolution products as I have been wanting to try these products for ages and I also ordered a new eyeshadow brush as I love using eyeshadows and creating different eye make up looks at the minute so I'm always looking for new brushes and tools to use! Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite brands at the minute, their products are so affordable and absolutely amazing quality, their eyeshadow palettes and blush palettes are absolutely insane, I love them!!

Makeup Revolution New-Trals VS Neutrals Eyeshadow Palette - £6.99

This palette is absolutely amazing, I've been wanting to try these eyeshadows for ages and when I eventually ordered them, I couldn't wait to use them. This palette is absolutely amazing, it has 12 eyeshadows and comes with a double ended eyeshadow brush which is so easy to use. This palette includes both matte and shimmer shades, perfect for creating loads of different eye makeup looks. I love Makeup Revolution eyeshadows, I have a few palettes and the quality of these eyeshadows is incredible, they are so good and so affordable.

What I love about this palette is, it comes with the names of the eyeshadows therefore it's going to be so much easier when I created makeup looks in future blog posts as I will be able to quote the eyeshadow I used instead of trying to explain what colour I used. I chose this palette as I love the colours and shades of the eyeshadows, they are absolutely beautiful. I used this palette for the first time the other day and I absolutely love it, I used the shades Personal, Vogue, Partial and Mode which are all beautiful shades, perfect for creating a gorgeous shimmery coral eye make up look!!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze Palette in All About Bronze -  £6

This palette is absolutely beautiful, as can be seen below, the bronze shades are absolutely beautiful. I love Makeup Revolution Blush Palettes as they include 8 shades and are perfect for creating a variety of different make up looks. This palette is absolutely gorgeous, all of the shades are beautiful, I love the two bottom right shades, they are my favourite shades to use as they are perfect to create beautiful sunkissed make up looks.
Some of the shades in this palette are absolutely beautiful, this palette has a four matte shades in different shades of bronzer, two shimmery bronze shades and two sparkly bronze shades, this palette has a variety of different bronze shades. I love this bronzer palette as I use bronzer everyday and I love having a variety of bronzers to choose from therefore this palette is incredible as it gives me so many options when doing my make up. I used this palette for the first time a few days ago and I absolutely love it, it's perfect for creating beautiful sunkissed make up looks.

Makeup Revolution Pro Eyeshadow Contour Brush in PRO E102 - £1.99
This eyeshadow brush is absolutely amazing, I like to use this brush to blend my eyeshadow as it's absolutely lovely. This brush is so soft and perfect for blending and smudging eyeshadows either all over my eyelid or in the crease to emphasise my eye makeup by making it bolder! I like using this eyeshadow brush if I've applied too much product as it's so easy to use as it makes my eye makeup look more subtle, I love it!! I really want to order some more eyeshadow brushes from Makeup Revolution as this one is amazing quality and so easy to use.

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