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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic day and an amazing weekend! I have been wearing eyeshadow a lot more recently, so today I thought I would share my favourite eyeshadow palettes at the minute. I have a variety of different brands therefore some products are more affordable but all of the eyeshadows I have chosen are amazing quality so I hope you enjoy this blogpost! Also I just want to thank you for 20,000 page views, I'm so happy my blog is growing so thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts!!

1. Makeup Revolution Redemption Essential Day to Night Palette - £4
This palette is really good, it has a variety of shades from gorgeous bronze and cream shades to sparkly and shimmery dark shades perfect for any night out make up look! I love this palette as it has 12 shades perfect for any make up look, this palette is amazing value as it's so affordable and the quality of these eyeshadows is amazing, they are so pigmented. This palette would be amazing to take on holiday as it has a range of shades perfect to create loads of different eye make up looks, I love it!

2. Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD Palette in Pinkadilly Circus - £6.99
This little palette is so good, I used these eyeshadows for the first time a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them!! I love the colours in this palette as they are so nice, you can create a natural smoky eye make up look or a bold dramatic eye, I think I will do a blog post on my two favourite eye make up looks with this eyeshadow palette as I absolutely love them. The eyeshadows are so pigmented and the colours are absolutely gorgeous, this product is so affordable as well. Also it's a great size to put in your bag on a nightout!

3. Makeup Revolution Redemption Iconic 2 Palette - £4
This palette is my favourite everyday eye shadow palette as I love the gold and bronze shimmery neutral shades, these are my favourite shades for an everyday make up look! I absolutely love this palette, the eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous and are absolutely amazing value. I think this palette was £4 which is so affordable for a good eyeshadow palette and these eyeshadows are amazing quality, they are so pigmented. The shades in this palette are beautiful gold, pink, bronze shades and this palette is similar to Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette! This palette also has a variety of shimmer and matte shades perfect to create gorgeous eye make up and I think this palette is perfect to create a lovely smoky eye make up look, I love it!!

4. Bare Minerals Colour Extravaganza Palette - £23
This palette is amazing, it has a variety of beautiful purple and green shades, I love this palette as it's perfect to create bold eye make up looks, I love it. Bare Minerals is one of my favourite brands as their products are amazing, I love these eyeshadows they are absolutely lovely, they are so pigmented. This palette includes 4 eyeshadows each for the base, liner and crease to help create the perfect smoky eye! This palette is really good as it can split into two palettes and it is good if you are going out cause you can take three eyeshadows with you without having to take the palette. 

5. Smashbox Shape Matters Palette - £30
These eyeshadows are from the Smashbox Shape Matters palette which includes a contour palette, eyebrow products and 9 eyeshadows, I love this palette as it includes everything you need to create a fabulous make up look. It includes two eyebrow powders and wax which is really good, I don't usually use anything on my eyebrows but every time I have used the brow products they have been amazing!! The contour products are also amazing, the shades are gorgeous and so easy to blend, I love them!! The eyeshadows are a mixture of both shimmer and matte shades which is perfect for any make up look, my favourite shades are Posh and Champagne, I absolutely love these shades, they are so beautiful. Posh is a beautiful shimmery rose pink shade and Champagne is a lovely creamy gold shade, I absolutely love it. All of the shades in this eyeshadow palette are absolutely beautiful, they are lovely bold shades perfect for any night out make up!!

Thanks so much for reading!
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  1. I really need to try the Revolution palette's! They look so good for the price they cost x

    Xtina G Says..

    1. They are amazing, great quality and good value, totally recommend x