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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing week, I have been so busy recently with work and everything but today I thought I would focus on my haircare routine and some of the products I use to keep my hair looking glossy and super soft. In this post I have included 5 products that I use and want to share with you so I hope you like this post! I have included different brands I like to use such as John Frieda, Tresemme, Philip Kingsley and Percy & Reed.

Tresemme Colour Vibrance Protection Shampoo
This is my favourite shampoo ever, I absolutely love it, it's by far the best shampoo I have ever used, it smells absolutely amazing, I love it!! Although this product is expensive, I do like to buy it when I can and I always buy a travel size one when I go away as it is my favourite shampoo ever. This shampoo leaves my hair feeling so smooth and soft and makes my hair look super shiny and glossy.

John Frieda 7 Day Volume In-Shower Treatment
This product is great, I use this after I have used shampoo, I apply about 3-4 pumps of this product and massage it into my roots and then cover my hair fully. I leave this product on for about 5 minutes and then wash it off. Instantly it leaves my hair feeling so soft and makes my hair look more volumised and thicker. I use this product about once a week, I don't use it everytime I wash my hair as its good to give your hair a break from using products but I do like to use this regularly!

Philip Kingsley Polishing Balm
This is my favourite product to use once I have towel dried my hair before I use my hair dryer, I apply this product to the mid length of my hair to the ends, this works best as leaves my hair looking more volumised and so soft!! I then dry my hair as normal and style it, this product works best for volumising my hair!

Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray
This hairspray is the best hairspray I have, it gives you a strong hold and leaves your hair feeling soft unlike other hairsprays which I often find leave my hair feeling hard and leave it so hard to brush after I have applied hairspray. I rarely use this hairspray however when I do, I have to say the hold is amazing and my hair looks and feels amazing!!

Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo
This dry shampoo is amazing, I use this product probably once or twice a week and I have to say when I when I use it, it leaves my hair feeling so soft as well as helps it look healthy and fresh. I always use this product if I'm busy and know I won't be able to wash my hair that day as it works so well and leaves my hair feeling so nice. 

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