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Hello everyone, today I am blogging about some of the products I have bought for moving to Uni. I'm so excited to go to Uni, I literally can't wait and I have been shopping quite a lot for stuff so I thought I would split up some of the things I have bought so here is the first blog post of my essential items, I hope you enjoy!!

Products from The Range
Link: - £2.99
This is one of my favourite items, I bought this to hang up in my room - I love inspirational quotes, basically anything which is positive and I love this hanging heart. I think it will look so nice hung up in my room and will be so nice to decorate it!
Link: - £6.99
I bought these pillows from the Range, I bought these ones as they are big pillows and I wanted some super comfy pillows. These ones were so affordable and amazing value, I would definitely recommend the Range for affordable household items, these pillows were so cheap!

Link: - £5.99
I love these heart shaped lights, they are so nice, I bought these to decorate my room at Uni, I think they will make it look super cute. These ones were so affordable and I think they will look so nice and decorative. These ones are battery powered so I would recommend buying some when you buy lights so you don't forget them and can't use them straightaway lol!

Link: - £1.59 each
I also bought these to decorate my room, these are absolutely gorgeous and have a lovely crackled pattern on them, I absolutely love them. These are candle holders however I think I will use them for decoration and I don't really use candles that often.

Products from IKEA
Link: - £0.80 - Plate
Link: - £2 - Large Pasta Bowl
Link: - £0.80 - Small Bowl
As can be seen above, these products are so affordable, IKEA is amazing for cheap household items, I bought two of each product, one of each in blue and one of each in green as I wanted to have colourful sets. I couldn't believe how cheap the bowls and plates were, they are so affordable and great quality!

Link: - £0.80 - 8 Coathangers
Another essential item I bought was these coathangers, they were only 80p and are an essential item that I will need for Uni, they are an item I would forget but my mum reminded me to buy some of these. I love these coathangers as I have a variety of colours, perfect to brighten any wardrobe!

Link: - £1.60 - Corkscrew
This was also an essential item, I bought this corkscrew as this is also an item I would of probably forgot to buy and then only realised I didn't have it when I needed to use it. This item will come in handy and is so affordable.

Link: - £0.95 - Ice Cube Tray
I always use ice so this was an essential item I needed to buy, I like these ice cube trays as they have cool shapes, I chose this one as I wanted to make sure all my kitchen stuff matched.

Link: - £0.50 each mug
These mugs are so affordable and amazing quality, I chose these colours as I wanted them to match my other kitchen stuff, I bought four as I want to have enough to make cuppas for my friends. I really like these mugs as I think they are so nice, I bought two green mugs and two blue mugs as I wanted to have two colours as well as they would match the plates I had bought.

Link: - £2 for 5 containers
I bought these as I thought these would be good to store food in, these are perfect as you can use them in both the microwave and store them in the freezer. These will be good with keeping food fresh and I think these will definitely come in handy.

Link: - £0.95 - Black Bin
I also bought a bin, this is to go in my room, it will be so useful and handy for me to out stuff in as I won't have to go to the kitchen and use the big bin as well as this is so affordable, I couldn't believe how cheap it was, it was less than £1.
Link: - £1.25
I also bought some napkins, I thought these would be an item that would be useful for me to have in my kitchen. I chose these napkins as they match my other kitchen items and are so cheap!!

Link: - £0.80 - Toilet Brush
I also bought this as when I'm at Uni I'm going to have my own bathroom so this will be so useful for when I clean my bathroom. This was so cheap and it is one of the essential items I will use when I'm at Uni.

Link: - £2.50 for 4 Tea Towels
I also bought some tea towels, these will be so useful for drying the dishes and were so cheap.

Link: - £9 - Shower Curtain
This shower curtain is so cool, I love the funky pattern and the cool colours it has. I bought this item as I know I will use this at Uni and I wanted to choose my own shower curtain and decorate my bathroom.

Link: - £5.50 - 12 Piece Cutlery
This was another essential item I had to buy, this was the cheapest cutlery set and I thought this was the most affordable and one of the nicest sets. This is just a basic cutlery set with 4 spoons, 4 forks and 4 knives.

Link: - £1.25 - 6 Wine Glasses
I also bought some wine glasses as I think these will be items I will definitely use, these wine glasses are basic, however they were so affordable!

Link: - £0.50 per Glass - £3 for a 6 pack
I also bought some normal glasses which I will use for soft drinks, I like the pattern on these glasses and couldn't believe how affordable they were, they are amazing value.

One item from Sainsbury's

I couldn't find the link for this product yet I think it only cost about £3.50 which is so affordable and amazing value, I will use a laundry bag when I am at Uni when I go to do my washing so this item was an essential, I had to make sure I didn't forget to buy.

This is only about half of the stuff I have bought for Uni so far so there will be another blog post featuring a lot of my Uni stuff. I am so excited for Uni and I have bought lots of stuff I think I will need or stuff I want. If you are at Uni and think of anything I might need or anything you bought, please comment below, thank you x

Thanks so much for reading!
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