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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing week. Today the weather has been glorious, I love the sun and it's been so warm the past couple of days. I wanted to share part two to the blog post I published on Sunday as I want to share everything I have bought as well as give people going to Uni inspirarion of what to buy or remind them of any essentials they haven't bought already. Thanks so much for all the support on my latest blog post, it's done so well and I have to thank everyone for reading it and giving me an audience. If like me you are getting your A Level results tomorrow, good luck and stay positive! Also if you are going to Uni, this blog post will help you as I have included loads of essentials that weren't included in the previous post! Thank you for the continued support x

Products from Matalan
Link: - £5
This was the only thing I bought from Matalan which is a baking tray set including a lasagne tray, baking tray and a pizza tray, these are essentials as I will use these everyday cooking my meals. These are so affordable, I couldn't believe they were only £5, that is amazing and is the cheapest I have seen for three trays, so if you are looking for a set of baking trays, Matalan are super cheap and great quality.

Products from IKEA

Link: - £3.50
This bath mat is the softest bath mat I have found, it feels AMAZING!! It's so soft and is so affordable, it was only £3.50 and is a very decent size, perfect for a small ensuite or bathroom. You can buy bigger bath mats at IKEA but this was the one I liked the most and was the nicest one I saw. I love the colour, it's so nice and bold, I love it!! 
Link: - £3.90 - Bath Towel
Link: - £2.90 - Hand Towel
Link: - £1 - Face Cloth
I bought these towels as they are so affordable, they are quite soft and amazing quality. These are the cheapest towels I have seen so I bought two of each towel for now and I think I will definitely go back for more before I leave for Uni. I chose to get green towels as they match the shower curtain I have, I've decided to buy towels which will match my shower curtains so it looks coordinated. 

Link: - £1 - Face Cloth 
Link: - Bath Towel - £3.90
Link: - Hand Towel - £2.90
These towels are exactly the same as the other towels I bought, I chose this colour as it also matches my shower curtain and is so bright and bold. These towels are so affordable, they are amazing. One good thing about these towels is they have hooks sewn on the inside of the towels to make it easy to hang up the towels after a shower, this is so helpful and a super cool feature.

Link: - £1.90
This is another essential I bought it's just a fitted sheet for my bed at Uni, I chose a white sheet as I wanted something simple and plain which will go with lots of different bedding sets. This was also so affordable, IKEA is great for homeware, it's so cheap, perfect for any budget!!

Link: - £18
This is another essential I needed to buy, this is a double duvet, I know the beds at Uni are singles but I can't live without a double duvet, they are so comfy and snug, I really didn't want to have a single duvet as I'm always cold and just used to having a double duvet if I'm honest!! This one was so affordable, it was only £18 which is an amazing price for a double duvet, the quality of this duvet is also amazing!!

Link: - £1.90
This wasn't an essential but I really don't like the carpet in my room at Uni, I don't like the colour of it so I wanted to buy something which would hide it. I wanted a massive rug but I wasn't sure what size to buy or what texture so I decided to go for the cheap option and buy this small rug, I can't believe it was less than £2, it's not the softest rug but it is a lot better than the carpet I have at Uni. I couldn't believe the prices of some products at IKEA, they are actually insane!!

Link: - £2.50
This was an kitchen essential as I love cooking and I eat quite a lot of cheese. This product wasn't as cheap as I was expecting considering the prices of some of the products which are so cheap it's crazy. 

Link: - £2.50
These weren't essentials but as soon as I saw these, I knew I would have to get them. In the previous post I talked about wine glasses and normal drinking glasses but when I went to IKEA a few weeks ago I really wanted to buy these champagne glasses, they are so cheap and AMAZING quality. 

Link: - - £1.75 - Plastic Jug
Link: £0.25 - Dish-washing Brush
Link: - £1.65 - Tin Opener
Link: - £0.85 - Pizza Cutter
Link: - £1.50 - Kitchen Utensil Set
Link: - £0.80 - 3 Pack of Scissors
These were some of the essentials I bought for the kitchen at Uni, these are basic things I think I will need for cooking and cleaning. As can be seen above, these products are so affordable and great for Uni. IKEA is my favourite place for cheap homeware, their products are so cheap and great quality!!

Link: - £2
I bought these as I know these will be used so much when I'm at Uni, I chose this pack as it contains a large chopping board and a tiny one which is so useful if you are only chopping a small amount of food. I like these chopping boards as they match some of the kitchen essentials I bought in my previous post and I think it will look nice if my kitchen stuff looks coordinated. 

Link: - £0.85
This was another essential that I needed to buy for Uni. I chose to buy a blue one as I wanted to keep my kitchen stuff coordinated and smart. This product was also so affordable.

Link: - £7
This is one of my favourite products I bought at IKEA, this lamp is so beautiful, I love the colour of it, I wanted to buy something that would brighten my room and this lamp is gorgeous, I absolutely love it!!

Link: - £2
These are so nice, I actually bought these to decorate my room at Uni, I've seen loads of YouTubers use these as makeup brush holders so I think these will definitely come in handy when I'm at Uni. I'm not too sure what I will be using these for but I absolutely love them, they are so nice!!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have enjoyed reading my Uni haul and essential blog posts, moving to Uni is something I am so excited about, I honestly can't wait and I wanted this blog post to help others decide what they need to buy or bring to Uni. Also I wanted to say thank you so much for all the support on my blog and my posts, it means the world to me. Make sure you are following me on my social media accounts, I'm so close to 600 followers on Bloglovin so if you aren't following me on there, make sure you go follow me now. Thank you all so much!xxxxx

Thanks so much for reading!
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  1. I love your lamp. Love the color too :D

  2. Thank you, it was such a bargain!xxx