Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Few Things I Picked Up In NEW YORK!

As you could see from my last post I had the time of my life in New York, it was absolutely incredible. If you're thinking of going, I would definitely recommend it. When I was in New York we managed to squeeze in a few hours shopping in between the tourist attractions. I went in to three Sephora's in New York and had a look but my favourite was the one in Times Square as I thought it had the best choice of Bare Minerals make up and it was really close to my hotel. I bought a few things from Sephora such as a Bare Minerals Bronzed and Luminous Kit which is a set of two palettes that can be used to create bronzed and glowing make up looks, a Bare Minerals Gloss on the Go Kit which includes 3 double ended lip glosses which are perfect from going from a daytime look to a night time look and a Sephora Green Tea Face Mask which I can't wait to try as I love face masks.

As soon as I saw the Bare Minerals Bronzed and Luminous Make up palettes I knew I would have to get them. I thought the packaging was gorgeous and I love the quality of Bare Minerals make up. Bare Minerals Eyeshadows and Lipglosses are amazing, they are definitely my favourite brand for make up. 
The Beautifully Bronzed palette includes three Eyeshadows, two Bronzers and one Lipgloss. The Eyeshadows are Magnate, Future and Cognac, the Bronzers are The Ocean View and The High Dive and the Lipgloss is a Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Spark Plug.

The Gorgeously Glowing palette is amazing too, these palettes are going to be amazing to use to create different looks. What I love about them is they are the perfect size for travelling as they've got Lipgloss, Eyeshadows and Bronzer or Blush therefore they will be dead handy when I go away in the summer as I won't have to take a large amount of make up as most of it will be in one of these amazing palettes. The Gorgeously Glowing palette also includes three Eyeshadows, one Blusher, one Illuminator and a Lipgloss. The Eyeshadows are Opulence, Kismet and Apropos, the blusher is The Natural High and the Illuminator is The Magic Moment and the Lipgloss is a Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Show Off. 

I also bought the Gloss on the Go kit which includes three double ended Lipglosses. As you can see the daytime shades are quite a soft natural shade and the night time shades are more vibrant and bold shades. I didn't realise but two of the shades I got in the other palettes, I got in this one which is amazing as the colours are gorgeous and the Bare Minerals Lipglosses are my favourites. The more natural shades are Charmer, Show Off and Rebel which are absolutely gorgeous shades and the bolder shades are Spark Plug, Hot Shot and Stunner. I think these are great value and so handy for when you are wanting to change your lip colour when your out and about as you only have to take one lip gloss rather than two.
I will post looks over the next few weeks using the Bare Minerals Gloss on the Go and the Bronzed and Luminous palettes. I will also post a review of the Sephora Green Tea Face Mask as I haven't used mine yet.

I also went to another shop called Aeropostale which I absolutely loved. I bought a really nice t-shirt from there as well as this amazing perfume. This perfume smelt exactly like Paco Rabanne Black XS perfume and was like quarter of the price therefore I thought it was an absolute bargain. This perfume just smells absolutely heavenly and I think the packaging and bottle is super cute, I love it.
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  1. I would love to visit New York one day, the stuff you bought looks really good:)

    Stay fabulous x
    Y //

    1. It is amazing! I loved New York, I really want to go back in the future and aw thanks, the make up is amazing!! xx