Saturday, 13 June 2015

Lotions and Potions

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! Today I have a few body lotions and body butters to share with you, I love moisturising as its so important to moisturise your skin and it leaves you smelling amazing!! I have been moisturising twice a day with these lotions and body butters and I think they are all great in different ways.

The Storm Flower body lotion by Cheryl is my favourite body lotion partly because I'm a huge fan of hers and I love her fragrances but also because the body lotion is a shimmering body lotion which means its GLITTERY!!! I am obsessed with this body lotion, it seriously is amazing and leaves my skin with a gorgeous shimmering glow. I got my Storm Flower body lotion for Christmas in the Cheryl Storm Flower Eau De Parfum 50ml Gift Set which comes with a 50ml bottle of perfume and a 75ml shimmering body lotion. This is an amazing body lotion because it smells incredible! I would recommend the gift set which I have found on Feel Unique for £20.97 which is an amazing price considering you get a bottle of perfume and this amazing body lotion! I also saw there is a 30ml gift set sold on the Feel Unique website and with that gift set you get a bottle of body wash instead of body lotion so if your not keen on body lotion but want to buy a Storm Flower gift set I would recommend you buy the 30ml one which is currently about £16.77, what a bargain!

Another one of my favourite body lotions is the Paco Rabanne Black XS sensual body lotion, I absolutely love Black XS both the perfume and the body lotion, they smell incredible. If you haven't smelt this scent yet I would definitely recommend you try it next time you go perfume shopping. Black XS has been one of my favourite fragrances for years, actually all of the Paco Rabanne fragrances smell amazing, Lady Million is one I'm hoping to buy soon as it smells fabulous!! I got my Black XS body lotion in the gift set and I have found it on Fragrance Direct for £33.99 which is an amazing price for the quality and smell of the products, the gift set includes 50ml of perfume and 100ml body lotion and I can definitely say I will be repurchasing this soon! I also have to say I think this body lotion is the most moisturising and kind to skin.

Next I have another one of my favourite body lotions which is Ghost The Fragrance moisturising body lotion, I got this with the perfume in a gift set but I can't seem to find the gift set on any websites so I will apologise in advance as I can't tell you how much it costs however I did find the perfume on its own on The Fragrance Shop website and a 50ml bottle of perfume is £33.50. I love this body lotion, I think it smells amazing and is lovely and nourishing!!

Another one of my favourite body lotions is from a company called I love... and its their Raspberry and Blackberry body lotion and I have to say this is fabulous! I mean it just smells delicious, the smell is amazing. I would definitely recommend this body lotion if you're on a budget but wanting a rich smelling body lotion as this does the job. I find that when I use it, I only need to use a small amount compared to the other body lotions. I've only got a small 60ml body lotion but recently I've seen 250ml body lotions for about £2.50 - £3 in Superdrug and a few supermarkets.

The last products I've got are body butters, I absolutely love body butters, the Body Shop have the most amazing body butters in loads of different flavours and the Pink Grapefruit one is my favourite! Here I have three of the I love... body butters in the flavours: Coconut and Cream, Mango and Papaya and Strawberries and Cream and I have to say they all smell incredible. I received these in a gift set for Christmas and I think they are much cheaper than the Body Shop so if you are looking for a cheaper alternative I would definitely recommend these. My favourite body butter is the Strawberries and Cream one as personally I think it smells amazing. What I love about these body lotions is they don't smell overpowering and are so moisturising!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it x
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