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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend!! A few weeks ago I did a blogpost on my first ever Birchbox, and I loved the feedback I received on that post! I love Birchbox, they are a monthly subscription service where subscribers receive beauty products such as makeup, skincare and haircare products! I did a poll a few days ago and this post was the most popular so I hope you all enjoy this blog post and thanks so much to everyone who voted!!

1. Stila - Lip Glaze (worth £15)
This product is absolutely lovely, it's so glossy and moisturising, this is the product I have used the most since receiving this box. I love trying new lip glosses and I have wanted to try lip products from Stila for absolutely ages so I was so happy to receive one in this months box. The colour of this lip glaze is absolutely gorgeous, it's a shimmery coral peach colour which is so lovely as it's so glossy and shimmery!! To apply this product, I had to twist the bottom of the product for a while to release the product, this is good as it means not much product is wasted as it is easier to watch how much product you should use. The only thing about this product is only half of the applicator is filled with lip glaze therefore you don't get a lot of the product so I would love it if it included more product as I have used quite a lot of this product and I don't want it to run out quickly. Although I have to say I would definitely buy this product again as I love the colour and it's so moisturising. One thing I like about this product is it also contains vitamins A, C and E to keep my lips moisturised throughout the day.

2. Percy and Reed - Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray (worth £12)
I don't really use many hair products often therefore when I received this product I was unsure when to use it as I don't really style my hair regularly, however I recently curled my hair and sprayed this product after to keep the curls intact, I really like this product as its easy to brush through my hair after applying this product and helps to keep my hair styled all day! I have had a few products from Percy and Reed in the past and I have absolutely loved them, so I was so happy to receive a product from this brand as the quality is always amazing, I would definitely recommend this brand for hair styling products, their products are amazing and so simple and easy to use.

3. BioNike - Defence Tolerance Essential Cleansing Water (worth £12.50)
I love trying new skincare brands therefore I was so happy to receive this product, I received an amazing exfoliating cleansing product last month so I was happy to receive another cleanser like this cleansing water product. This product is so gentle and leaves my skin feeling amazing, this product smells lovely and is great to use after removing my makeup. I would definitely recommend cleansing water to anyone as this product is so gentle and I only have to use a small amount. This product is amazing as it leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and very refreshed.

4. Monu Professional Skincare - MONUSpa Warming Ginger Body Oil (worth £29.95)
This product looks amazing and smells divine, this product is so nice. I've only used it once therefore I can't wait to use this product again, I liked it before as it leaves my skin feeling amazing. This product is great as it's so gentle and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. I think this is amazing as this product is organic and full of vitamins in order to leave your skin feeling incredible, I can't wait to use this product again!

5. Pure and Light Organic Skincare - Essential Face Cream (worth £29)
This product is absolutely lovely, I have been using this face cream a lot recently and I have to say I love it!! This face cream leaves my skin feeling so smooth and super soft, this product is so rich therefore I only have to use a small amount. I love trying different moisturisers and this is one of my favourite face creams, I absolutely love this face cream as it leaves my face feeling so smooth! Although this face cream is quite expensive, I do think I will purchase this product as I really like it and it leaves my skin feeling amazing!!

Thanks so much for reading!
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