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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend, I am so happy with how well my London blog post has been received, today I thought I would focus on my first Arsenal game at the Emirates, I have never done a blog post on any of the Arsenal games but I thought this would be a great blog post to share as I loved this game, it was amazing and I really enjoyed it!

I have been an Arsenal fan since I was little, I have always enjoyed watching football and when my brother became an Arsenal fan, I started to watch Arsenal more and more and suddenly I became an Arsenal fan too. I love the way Arsenal play, I went to my first Arsenal game in October 2014 against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light, we won 2-0, Sanchez scored both goals and I went again this year in April which ended 0-0! 

I booked Arsenal Legends tickets for my brothers birthday and I couldn't wait to finally visit the Emirates and see my first Arsenal match there, it was absolutely incredible!! The Emirates is an absolutely beautiful stadium, it is one of the best stadiums I have ever visited, however if I'm honest I think the atmosphere could be improved, a singing section would be great to improve the atmosphere!!

The match was amazing, it ended Arsenal Legends 4-2 Milan Glorie, Kanu scored a hat-trick and Pires scored the final goal, it was amazing to see some of the amazing players Arsenal have had. I loved seeing some of the amazing players like Kanu, Pires, Gilberto, Keown, Seaman, Parlour, Overmars and Ljunberg! I thought the match was incredible, we sat in the clock end which was awesome. I'm really hoping to go to another game this season at the Emirates, I had such a good time.

I also bought some souvenirs from the game, if you have been to an Arsenal game then you will know there are loads of stalls outside the emirates selling souvenirs. I bought two photographs: one of the Invincibles and another of our 2015 FA Cup win. One of the stalls had some amazing photographs, some were even framed and signed but I chose these two because I liked them the best!

The Invincibles Photograph
The Invincibles in my opinion are the best ever Premier League team, to go unbeaten for a season in one of the hardest leagues is an absolutely incredible achievement! The Invincibles were AMAZING and I knew as soon as I saw the photo that I had to buy it!

FA Cup 2015 Photograph
I also bought this photo because this was Arsenal's latest trophy and I enjoyed watching this final better than the 2014 final as I was convinced we were going to win whereas the 2014 final was so nerve wrecking especially when we went 2-0 down so quickly, the comeback was amazing as it was incredible when Ramsey scored the winner but I just think the 2015 final against Aston Villa was more enjoyable as we won 4-0 and we didn't really have anything to worry about!

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