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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing week!! First of all, I want to apologise for not posting on Sunday, I was away and the Wifi was a nightmare so I thought it would be best for me to post this blog post today! This blog post is about my recent trip to London, it was a lot more chilled than my trip to London in July and to be honest I loved it. London is one of my favourite cities, I never get tired of visiting this city, there is always so much to see and do!

We travelled to London by train, we booked our train tickets in June and our tickets were cheaper than when me and my friend booked ours, these tickets were booked about 12 weeks in advance and we paid £17 per adult each way which is so affordable!! We also stayed at a Travelodge in London as they are so affordable and always close to attractions and central London, we stayed at the Travelodge Central City Road which was situated between both Moorgate and Old Street stations, it was so close to the City. We booked our trains and hotels on and Personally, I think it is best to book your hotel well in advance in order to get the best prices, we booked ours about 12 weeks in advance as well.

Day 1: Thursday 1st September

First of all, when we got to London we bought our Oyster cards, this is so easy and simple to do. If you are stuck there is always loads of people to ask as well as the machines are quite simple to use, they are so user friendly. Oyster cards cap your spend at £6.50 so this is great if you know you will be travelling around London a lot throughout your trip. I think we put on about £35 which included my £5 deposit and £30 credit. I know it sounds a bit pricey but this managed to pay for all my tube travel between Thursday to Monday and I managed to get about £6 back when I stopped using my card before travelling home, this can be done using the tube machines, it's so easy to do! We bought these at Kings Cross tube station and got the tube to Old Street, we then walked from the tube station to our hotel which was about a ten minute walk from the tube station, our hotel was quite easy to find as it was on the main road.

After we had dropped our bags, we headed to Covent Garden then walked to Trafalgar Square, then to Westminster and had a look at some of the amazing sights which can be seen below. We then got the tube to Liverpool Street and went for a drink at the pub inside the train station, I can't remember what it's called but its really nice and has an outside terrace. After this we walked through Whitechapel and went to one of my dads favourite curry houses, Gandhi's which is situated on Brick Lane, the food was delicious and the service was great!
Trafalgar Square

Covent Garden Plaza

National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square



Gandhi's - Brick Lane

Poppadoms and Pickles 

My starter was this Onion Bhaji, this was the nicest onion bhaji I have ever had, I love Indian food and this was amazing, the portions aren't massive but the food was delicious!!

I had Chicken Balti and Garlic Naan, this is my go to dish when I go to an Indian restaurant, it was absolutely delicious. Gandhi's was an absolutely fabulous restaurant, the staff were incredible, they were so nice and the restaurant is absolutely lovely inside.

Day 2: Friday 2nd September 

On the Friday we had a really chilled morning, we visited Buckingham Palace on the morning which was fabulous as always, I love visiting London and this is one of my favourite places to visit. I love getting the tube to Green Park then walking through the park to see Buckingham Palace, it's great fun! After this we walked from Buckingham Palace to Westminster which was fab, it was quite a long walk but we saw so many amazing sights, it was worth it! When we got to Westminster we went to the Slug and Lettuce for lunch which was lovely, we then walked around Westminster and bought some frozen yoghurt and sat taking in the breathtaking views. At about late afternoon, we went on the London Eye River Cruise which was amazing, it's always lovely to see the sights and get some amazing photos.

We then went back to the hotel to get ready and went to a lovely Italian across the road from my hotel, Giovanni's which is situated on City Road. This was an absolutely gorgeous Italian, the staff were so nice and the food was absolutely incredible!!

Buckingham Palace

Central London

Lunch at the Slug and Lettuce - Mozzerella and Tomato Panini with Skinny Fries, this was a lovely meal, it was so affordable too, I think it was about £7 for this meal and the drinks were also really affordable, I would totally recommend this as it's very affordable and the food was delicious!!

Beautiful picture of Westminster and the London Eye

Lovely picture of Westminster

London Bridge

Giovanni's - Vegetable Pizza, this was absolutely gorgeous and the restaurant was so nice. The food was lovely, it was so nice, I totally recommend to anyone staying on City Road as it's so near to the hotel and so affordable.

Giovanni's - This was an image of the food and drinks we had at the meal, the Pepperoni pizza looked amazing and was so nice and the pasta was also delicious!!

Day 3: Saturday 3rd September 

On the Saturday we went to the Emirates Stadium to see Arsenal Legends vs Milan Legends, this was the main reason we were going to London as in May I had bought my brother tickets for his birthday as well as I also bought my dad one as I thought he might like to come too! We had breakfast then headed to Kings Cross to get the tube to Arsenal, it was amazing once we had got off the tube, there was loads of stalls selling merchandise and I was so happy when I saw the Emirates. Me and my brother have been Arsenal fans since we were little so to finally be visiting the Emirates was pretty special, I was so thrilled to be watching the Arsenal legends, these are players who have been so successful for the club and many who I never got a chance to see so I thought it was amazing watching the Legends match!

The match was absolutely amazing, it ended Arsenal Legends 4 - 2 Milan Glorie, Kanu scored a hat-trick and Pires scored the final goal, it was amazing to see some of the amazing players Arsenal have had. I loved seeing some of the amazing players like Pires, Kanu, Ljunberg, Gilberto, Keown and Overmars. The match was incredible, we were sat in the clock end which was awesome, I hope to go see another Arsenal game this season, I had such a good time!!

After the match we met up with my mum who had been shopping and went to Covent Garden for dinner, we had a look at a lot of places to eat at Covent Garden and we ended up going to Punch and Judy bar and restaurant for dinner, it was so nice, we sat outside as the weather was lovely! The food was absolutely delicious and I had a really good time. Saturday was my favourite day!!

The Emirates, London

Pires taking a corner

Pires taking a corner 

Punch & Judy, Covent Garden Plaza, London

Tower of London Burger

Chicken Burger

Day 4: Sunday 4th September 

We didn't really have much planned for the Sunday so we got the tube to South Kensington and had a walk around there, if you haven't been I definitely recommend it, the houses are beautiful and the area is amazing!! We went to Harrods for a look around and I have to say I was seriously impressed, all the staff were really nice and helpful and the building was absolutely beautiful inside, the lifts were grand and the the floors were marble which made the shop look so sophisticated!! We had a look at all the designer bits and my favourite one was the Ralph and Russo section, I mean their shoes are absolutely incredible, they are so beautiful, I would love to own a pair and the dresses were insane, literally they were so nice, I absolutely loved them!!

On the afternoon we went back to the hotel to pack and get changed to go out and we went to Livepool Street again and had a walk to Whitechapel near where the curry houses are. We went to Gandhi's again as the food is amazing and they do really good deals on meals, I think both times we went, we got 2 free drinks each, free poppadoms and pickles and 25% off the bill which is absolutely insane, it was such good value!!

Kensington, London

Kensington, London

Kensington, London

Gandhi's - Chicken Jalfrezi, this was the hottest curry I have ever had in my entire life, my brother and dad both had madras and they said mine was the hottest, I couldn't believe it, it was so hot and I love hot curries, I always either have a Balti or a Jalfrezi but this curry was far too hot for me. I mean it was still a lovely meal and I really enjoyed myself but next time I visit this restaurant I will definitely be ordering a Balti and the Jalfrezi was far too hot!! Lol!

Day 5: Monday 5th September

This was the day I went home from London and our train was at 10 so we left the hotel early and headed to Kings Cross for breakfast. Kings Cross is an amazing station it had so many places to eat and drink as well as little shops. We got the train back to Durham and went home, this trip was amazing and I absolutely loved it, I can't wait to go back!!

This was an absolutely amazing trip, I love visiting London, it's a fabulous city and I always have an amazing time! I hope you have all enjoyed reading this blog post, I had a lot of fun writing this blog post, it was nice to see the photos and spend time thinking of the amazing times I had!

Thanks so much for reading!
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