Sunday, 25 September 2016


Hey everyone, first of all I just want to say I can't believe I have been at Uni a week, that is absolutely crazy!! But honestly I have had one of the best weeks of my life, I have had some of the best nights out ever with my flatmates, it's been absolutely incredible.

Last Sunday was my first night and we went to Pryzm in Leeds which is absolutely insane, the music was so good, it was chart music remixed it was so good, I spent most of the night dancing. When I go out I love to dance, I don't really care what others think, I just want to have a good time. Pryzm is probably my favourite place I have been to since I have arrived in Leeds, the music was amazing and it was so much fun! We paid £8 to get in to Pryzm on Sunday which was totally worth it as I had the most amazing night!!

In Pryzm with Emma (my flatmate)

We also went to the The Backroom on Tuesday which was good however it wasn't my favourite place, it played RnB, HipHop and a bit of chart music too! It was quite a small venue as well compared to Pryzm, it was good because there was a big group of us but other than that it wasn't really my vibes tbh! It cost £5 for a ticket to the Backroom which was alright as I did have a good night, I just think I liked other places better.

On Thursday we went to Revolution de Cuba which was good, it's a Cuban bar which was so nice, it is a little bit expensive but the music was so good! It's like a bar with a small dance floor, it would probably be best to go for drinks instead of for a night out as it's quite chilled! However the music was really good and I had a great time dancing! 

On Friday I went to Pryzm again which was insane, it was so busy but it was worth it. It was £5 to get in which I thought was so good on a Friday!! It was one of the girls on my courses birthday so we decided to go to Pryzm to celebrate and it was so good!! I really like Pryzm, the music is always good and the atmosphere is always amazing!! We went to the Curve room in Pryzm which was absolutely awesome, the music was like RnB, it was absolutely awesome!

Me and Shannon in Pryzm on Friday for her birthday!

Yesterday we went to Projekt at the O2 Academy which is absolutely incredible, it was so good, the music was amazing! I danced all night, I had a great time. The music was House and I absolutely loved it. It was £6 entry and it was kind of like a festival, it was so good! I think this was my favourite event I went to this week, it was absolutely amazing, I loved it!!

Me and Shannon at Projekt on Saturday!

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