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Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing week. There was no blog post on Sunday as that was when I moved to University. Decorating my room was one of my favourite things to do when I moved, I have tried to make it as homely and comfy as I could. Moving to Uni was a massive decision for me to make but I think I've made the right one, all my flatmates are so nice and we all get on so well, I'm really lucky we all get on because it just made moving here so much easier!!

Many people may know I have moved to Leeds for University, I have done blog posts on Uni and how I made the decision to choose where but honestly it was probably one of the best decisions I've made moving to Leeds! Today I wanted to share with you all how I have decorated my bedroom, decorating my bedroom was so much fun and I really enjoyed doing this as I was able to make it my own. 

Bedding £20 - Sainsbury's
Pink Lamp £7 - IKEA

I bought a double duvet to Uni as I wanted to make sure I was extra comfy, I bought this bedding set from Sainsbury's and it's literally the prettiest duvet set ever, the pillow cases are absolutely gorgeous as instead of having buttons on the pillow cases, these pillow cases have ties to tie them into bows!! On my bedside table I have a lamp, some tissues, a book, just basic essentials that I might need!

I also decided to hang up some fairy lights in my room as I wanted to make it look nice, I love these as they make the room look nicer. I decided to hang them up on the notice board in my room, I can't decide what else to put on display, I was thinking of printing loads of photos and sticking them up so I might do that.
Fairy Lights £5.99 - The Range
I also have two book shelves in my room so I decided to decorate them with my stationary and files for Uni, I chose nice pretty ones as I wanted to make sure the shelves looked nice. I also have a framed quote on display, I am someone who loves quotes and this one is everything I am about, I love it! I also put a few cards from my friends from home up as I wanted to make it feel homely and I love cards, they mean so much to me so I thought for the first week I would display them. I also have these gorgeous silver crackle candle holders which I think are insane, I absolutely love them!!

Files and Stationery £1.25 each - Wilko's
Silver Crackle Candle Holders £1.59 - The Range
Framed Quote £1.99 - Card Factory
This is the other shelf I have in my room, I was given loads of candles as leaving presents from my friends so I bought them with me to Uni to decorate the room and make it smell nice. I also bought all of the Birchboxes I have received over the past few months as they are so pretty and look so nice so I thought they would brighten up the shelves.

Also I do have a desk in my room, I haven't finished sorting it out because it's where I'm going to have both my makeup and stuff I need for Uni, so I will be doing a blog post on my makeup storage and stuff like that in a few weeks. I also have a wardrobe which is absolutely tiny, it's about 1/4 of the size of my wardrobes at home. So sorry this has been a short post, I have been out loads for Freshers and I'm having an amazing time!!

Thanks so much for reading!
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