Thursday, 28 January 2016


Hello everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing week!! Today I thought it would be good to do a Blog post on some lipsticks I got for Christmas as they are amazing quality and the colours are gorgeous too!! Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, it was my birthday and I just didn't have time, but make sure you check out my Blog post at the weekend as it's a what I got for my birthday Blog post and I can't wait to share it as I love reading posts like that!
Left to Right: 111 Untouched, 112 Sooner or Later, 113 Whispers, 114 Naked Beauty, 115 Mannequin.

These lipsticks are amazing, they are from the Freedom Pro Lipstick Bare Collection, I love these lipsticks as they are really long lasting. I really like these lipsticks because they are a matte finish, the colours are absolutely gorgeous, there is a mixture of nude shades in this collection, all of them are perfect everyday lipsticks.

I have been using Whispers and Sooner or Later over the past couple of weeks and these shades are my favourites, I think this is because they are pink nude shades and I really like them as they are lovely natural looking shades. I usually wear Lip Gloss over these lipsticks and I think it makes the shades stand out and look bold!

There will also be a new Blog post at the weekend, so make sure you check that out, I hope you have enjoyed reading this Blog post! As I am posting this Blog post today, I am going to post a Blog post on Sunday morning instead of Saturday!!

Thanks so much for reading!
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